F*#k Popular Opinion

The honest, hardworking citizens don't have to stress about being allegedly harassed or shot by law enforcement.  You Bags clearly have something to fear, but not anywhere near the degree as being portrayed on mainstream news outlets and social media.  Your actions dictate the reactions of law enforcement officers.  Don't resist, fight, or run from law enforcement and you have nothing to fear.

Life’s Simple Pleasures

Some of the greatest pleasures in life are simple.  There is nothing that brings me more peace than being in beautiful locations and enjoying the scenery.  These simple pleasures bring much joy and relaxation to my life, and a reminder that the world is gorgeous, despite all the negativity spewed daily.  Stop reading the negativity on Facebook or news feeds and enjoy your surroundings.  Turn it off and get outside.  Some of the most beautiful scenery is right in our own backyard.

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