You Can Do “More”


“I don’t regret the things I’ve done.  I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.” – Anonymous

I was brainstorming the other day about the things I love to do; the things that make me truly happy.  I started writing a list of those activities, mainly out of curiosity.  I titled the list, “Do more of.”  I started writing my list in the following fashion:  Hike more, Bike more, Kayak more, Fish more, and so on.  I came up with 15 activities that I absolutely love to do and want “more” of in my life.

Here is my completed list: 

Hike more, Mountain Bike more, Kayak more, Fish more, Scuba Dive more, Camp more, BBQ more, Beach more, Exercise more, Read more, Family more, Play Drums more, Travel more, Meditate more, and Write more.

When I went through my completed list something interesting was revealed.  There was a common theme among all those activities; they were all active, outside, surrounded by friends and family, and required little money.  Granted, many of these activities do require money; however, I have a mountain bike, kayak, scuba equipment, hiking and camping gear, drum kit, etc.  Therefore, what is my excuse for not enjoying these activities more?  It simply boiled down to a lack of commitment.

We get so caught up in other aspects of our lives we forget about or push aside those things we absolutely love to do.  I’m just too tired is the common excuse given when the thought of those activities comes to mind.  If you were on your death bed and were guaranteed one week to do whatever you wanted to do…What would YOU do?  I guarantee YOU would pick things off that list.  So, why do we push them aside?  Many of these activities require little other than time and commitment, and time is a precious commodity in the game of life.

Think about the wasted time (hundreds, if not thousands of hours) spent in front of the stupid box (television) watching people doing fun, entertaining things.  That could be YOU doing those fun, entertaining things.  Think about all that time spent on social media with your so-called “friends.”  These are all wasted opportunities to live life.  Wasted time that could be spent on your “more” list.  We, as a human race, spend far too much time on things that don’t add any significant value to our lives.

The day I wrote this list, I was going to skip my son’s soccer practice.  I didn’t feel like going.  The list was sitting in front of me, so I glanced at it one more time.  On the list was written, “Family more.”  Wow, reality just bitch slapped me.  Why would I skip an opportunity to be with the one person I love more than anything on this planet?!  I didn’t feel like it?! I didn’t feel like being with someone I love?!  WTF is wrong with me, I thought.  That was truly an eye-opening revelation.

I encourage YOU to write out your “more” list.  What is stopping you from doing “more” of the things you love in life?  We need to stop pushing aside our “more” lists.  Life is way too short.  Do not live with any regrets.  Commit to the “more.”  Plan the “more.”  Follow through with the “more.”  Commit, plan, and follow through; It is that simple.  Look back on your life without regrets.  Smile on your deathbed knowing you lived a life without regrets.


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