Obstacles: Seeds of Transformation

Obstacles are true seeds of transformation.  The type or direction of change depends on your reaction to those obstacles.  You can spin the situation positively or negatively depending on your response.  We can't stop the negative from crossing our paths.  In fact, it is just part of life. 


One Step at a Time

We, humans, get so caught up in the actual achievement that we overlook the journey.  Enjoy the journey, that is where the lessons are revealed and, if aware, learned.  Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons; they are acquired through adversity, not while standing on the summit or top of the staircase.

You Can Do “More”

We get so caught up in other aspects of our lives we forget about or push aside those things we absolutely love to do.  I'm just too tired is the common excuse given when the thought of those activities comes to mind.  If you were on your death bed and were guaranteed one week to do whatever you wanted to do...What would YOU do?

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