Finding Happiness Through Bigfoot

Something so ridiculous as reading comments on Bigfoot videos made me realize that my happiness is a choice, not something that comes to me in the future.  Its little things like spending quality time with your loved ones.  That was an example of living in the moment that I will never, ever forget.


Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

I have learned much through this ordeal.  Many invaluable life lessons that only adversity can teach.  Life is a big puzzle.  Piece by piece the picture becomes more and more apparent.  I’m missing a few pieces of the puzzle.  I'm optimistic I will find them soon. 

Gun Control and Mental Health

I don’t believe anyone on this planet can argue that mental illness did not play a role in most, if not all, mass shootings.  You have to be mentally unstable to walk into a school and shoot children.

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