What Does The Future Hold

“Uncertainty is a very good thing: it’s the beginning of an investigation, and the investigation should never end.” – Tim Crouch

As an INFJ personality type, we are good at predicting the future or have that innate ability to see what the future holds.  The future looks bright for me.  However, we are not good at living in the moment or dealing with uncertainty.  I took early retirement with no Plan B in place.  Probably not the smartest thing to do; however, I was mentally checked out and tired of the intense internal and external political pressures facing law enforcement professionals.  I had Plan A mapped out like a champ.  Unfortunately, Plan A was supposed to take effect three years from now.

I am now forced into Plan B, whatever that may be.  I am sitting here in a state of uncertainty about my immediate future, and it is killing me.  No job.  No income.  Hoping a connection is going to come through for me before my savings run dry.  I have always been in control of my future until now.  In a sense, I have been subconsciously planning for this moment, just wasn’t expecting to go out under these circumstances.  I wanted to leave the profession under my terms.  Political agendas are killing my beloved profession.  I guess that is why you should always have more than just a Plan A in place to address life’s potholes.

Apparently, I am a take control of your future guy.  I went back to school and obtained my undergraduate and graduate degrees to have something to fall back on post-retirement from law enforcement.  I have never been good at relying on others, especially when it involves my future.  I am struggling with this abrupt life change.  I am an optimistic person and believe it will work out for the best.  I truly think that.  I enjoy working.  I just can’t sit at home every day in my robe and slippers watching reruns of The Golden Girls and Matlock.

I will say this uncertainty has given me the opportunity of self-reflection.  In the past month, I have learned a great deal about my personality.  I am taking this opportunity to tap into my strengths and develop my weaknesses.  I am finding out more and more about me than I ever thought possible.  I enjoyed my time as a police officer, but in reality, it did not fit my personality…at least anymore.  I am hoping to find that career where I can’t wait to get up in the morning and get to work.  Maybe this uncertainty was a gift, an opportunity to find that passion.



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